Business Continuity

In a complex and fast-moving market and business environment, organizations must respond quickly and effectively to unexpected business disruptions. They must keep staff safe and position them to deliver essential services, while keeping clients and other stakeholders well-informed.   Critical Communication software solutions such as NOTIFY can help organizations rapidly connect with multiple audiences, mitigate impacts, meet data protection regulations for domestic and international operations, and perhaps most importantly provide clients and employees with confidence that the organization is well-prepared to respond in an emergency or crisis situation.  


  • Rapidly alert employees at work or at home, confirming their safety and directing them to alternate work arrangements
  • Provide confidence to clients that business continuity risks are being well-managed
  • Utilize polling information for planning purposes and in weather emergencies
  • Leverage continuity planning with employees’ residential dispersion
  • Increase situational intelligence 
  • Run training drills and exercises to prepare response teams and the broader employee base
  • Reduce administrative effort associated with maintaining employee contact information
  • Align to the ISO 22301 standard for business continuity management


NOTIFY provides a unified critical communication suite that helps clients be better prepared, make better decisions, and respond quickly and confidently during disruptive events. When an incident happens, whether it’s a natural disaster or an IT service outage, NOTIFY ensures that the right messages get to the right people at the right time.

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