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Golden Technologies




“The decision to let Red Collar Bandit evaluate our expenditures was simple”


Initially we were skeptical that Red Collar Bandit could reduce our operating expense. We believed we had done a good job managing our technical expenses. However, Red Collar Bandit’s contingency fee program convinced us to let RCB review expenditures.  If RCB found nothing, it would cost nothing. Further, it would confirm that we had done a good job. If RCB found savings, then Golden Tech. would benefit from those savings.


Lastly, there was no chance of incremental costs for RCB’s service since fees come out of savings. Therefore, the decision to let RCB evaluate our expenditures was simple and prudent.  Consequently RCB found thousands of dollars in savings. We realize now that we just did not have the experience that RCB has nor the time for such a tedious effort. We are thrilled with the service RCB provided and we would highly recommend Red Collar Bandit to anyone looking to reduce operating expense.


  • Rich Golden, CEO Golden Technologies

Shenendoah Personal Communications



“RCB allows us to focus on our core competencies”


Red Collar Bandit has provided needed expertise in settlement negotiations, lease negotiations and strategic planning. Their technical knowledge coupled with a broad legal understanding has enabled us to focus on core competencies while outsourcing key projects and having the confidence that the matters will be handled appropriately and professionally. RCB has saved Shentel thousands of dollars in capital and operating expense.


-Raymond Ostroski, General Counsel, Shentel Communications

One Source Staffing



“RCB Saved us $7,000 per month!”


We originally engaged Red Collar Bandit to help us better manage our telephone and data assets. Not only did RCB provide accountability but found significant errors, efficiencies and expense reductions far beyond our expectations. We have saved more than $7,000.00 dollars per month as a result of RCB’s efforts. That is more than a 40% reduction in our telecom spend.  Further, RCB has provided visibility into our expenditures and has helped us navigate changing technology with confidence and efficiency. We have referred Red Collar Bandit to many of our own customers.


-Phil Amend, Vice President, One Source Staffing.




"We just don’t have the time or expertise to do what they do”


We have been using Red Collar Bandit’s services for more than 5 years. They have helped us select the right Phone System for our needs, as well as orchestrated a company move to new facilities. They provide oversight to our telecom, data and wireless spend and have saved us tens of thousands of dollars over the years. We just don’t have the time or expertise to do what they do.  They have become an invaluable addition to our organization.


                                        - Regina Rubino Controller VTB



"The process was painless and required very little time from my team."


My company recently engaged Red Collar Bandit to reduce telecommunications and internet costs.  Within less than a month RCB identified several opportunities to reduce expenses and organize our accounts.  The result was substantial savings for the company.  The process was painless and required very little time from my team.  The best part about working with RCB, besides the money they saved us, was how easy they made it to realize the savings.  I found the experience well organized and professionally managed.  I would recommend Red Collar Bandit to anyone who is looking to save money or upgrade their telecommunications/internet services.


- Jason Puso CEO



"There is no cost or risk to have this review done"


I would like to bring a money-saving opportunity to your attention. Red Collar Bandit reviews telecom and utility bills and finds savings, especially when you are getting charged for something you are not using.  The good thing is that there is no cost or risk to have this review done.  Red Collar Bandit only makes money if you save money.


Because the United Way is relatively small, I didn’t expect Red Collar Bandit would find any savings.  Sure enough, we were paying for things/lines we no longer need or use.


Some of our donors and board members that Red Collar Bandit is working with are saving thousands per month, one up to $10,000. This is impressive and no risk. The bigger the organization with multiple buildings, the more likely you could be saving significant money. 


None of us have money to waste.  If we can all eliminate needless expenses, the better it is for our missions and those we serve.


- Bill Jones President & CEO

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RCB can reduce your telecom, wireless, data, freight, parcel and utility operating expense by 26% or more through our audit and recovery programs. RCB's contingency based fee system ensures there is no risk of additional cost. Let RCB provide clarity, visibility and accountability in a complex area of your business


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