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Red Collar Bandit is an advisory & consulting firm focused on helping businesses solve complex challenges. Red Collar Bandit has helped many clients maintain and achieve success through financially sound practices, technical guidance and experienced advice. Our firm is committed to improving revenue, decreasing operational expense and providing technical expertise for every process and structure within your company.


Red Collar Bandit has earned a reputation for excellence through diverse consulting programs. We believe that every business can use a partner that can assist in areas of weakness and allow the business to focus on core competencies. Red Collar Bandit employs subject matter experts in a wide range of disciplines.


Increase revenue, decrease operating expense, create efficiencies and give your company a competitive edge.


Unleash the Bandit.......

Red Collar Bandit provides complete and sustainable solutions for small to mid-sized businesses and large corporations. Please take a look at some of the organizations RCB has had the privildge of providing services. clients

RCB is now offering Freight and Parcel Audits!

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Expense Reduction Specialists

RCB can reduce your telecom, wireless, data, freight, parcel and utility operating expense by 26% or more through our audit and recovery programs. RCB's contingency based fee system ensures there is no risk of additional cost. Let RCB provide clarity, visibility and accountability in a complex area of your business


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